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2012 Masters Champ Bubba Watson


His second shot on the 10th at the second playoff hole was amazing. Not only did he get it out of the pines with enough height and length, but he sculpted the shot to bend around and land ten feet get from the pen 164 yards away. Gutsy call.

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Congratulations to Bubba. Great shot--for his first Majors victory--& right after he & his wife adopted a son (after 4 years of trying)--a covenant (or commitment, if you wish) that will make an impact for life (& generations to come). I'm glad he won, but I can't help but feel bad for the guys who had a chance & faltered.

Didn't watch any of the tournament, but I would liked to have seen the final round. From the leader board & the clips, it seems like it was a good day for golf. Thanks to CBS, the sponsors, & Augusta National for the highlights at www.masters.com.

Question: How far away was Oosthuizen on his 2nd shot into 10? From the clip it looks like he didn't have a club for that yardage (maybe 230, 240 yards of carry), tried to rip his longest iron, & caught it thin (I know he bombed a 4 iron 260+ yards on 4, but that was downhill plus 11 seconds of roll). Searched a while. Couldn't find it. I'd like to know, but not that important.

Dr. Bob:

John - Excellent caricature.

I find several amazing things about this:

Under those conditions, I'd be so stressed out that I couldn't hold onto a golf club, much less swing it. I suppose after somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 shots, the player must become immune to it?

I can't understand how someone can foul up a shot so badly, yet do such a fantastic job on the next one.

I can't understand how after watching Watson badly mess up his tee shot, Oosthuizen couldn't follow with a conservative shot down the middle.

Some say golf is a mental game... I think it's a demented game. Which is why I don't (or can't) play it.

John Cox:

Hey Dr, Bob
Twain said golf is a long walk ruined.

Well, I don't agree. The sport of golf tests athletes in ways that boggle the fan and we watch in utter horror and inspiration.

I played the game in my teens. It was the main activity my Dad and I could share. Boy, did I learn something about character under pressure.

I know it's just a game, but it has lots to teach.


Great one John. You need to update your site with the ability to share to Facebook and Twitter. There's a lot on here I'd like to easily pass around. All the best to you.



There's no "conservative down the middle" on 10 at Augusta. It's a sweeping dogleg left, & every bit of the landing area is severely downhill & sidehill. If you're close enough to the green to reach it & have to hit anything other than a short iron, you have such an awkward lie that (1) both direction & distance control are near impossible, & (2) if you land your ball anywhere besides a strip of ground that's about 10 feet wide, the green won't hold it. You're pretty much forced to go long to make par. The tee shot in tournament play is only marginally easier than 17 at TPC Sawgrass, the island par 3, by virtue of the landing area not being a water hazard.

I'm surprised no analyst has said it, but Bubba was incredibly lucky as to where his tee shot came to rest. That little rope hook with a short iron is actually pretty easy for a skilled golfer to hit. That being the only shot he had, the indecision & uncertainty that plagues golfers when they have options was removed. The severity of the swing path he had to take eliminated the risk of the double-cross he had on the tee as a lefty trying to hit a power fade with a low-lofted driver.

Like you, I can't begin to fathom the pressure. I would have collapsed in the parking lot Thursday morning--if I made it that far.


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