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Triple Take


With the release of Carter's new book detailing the oceans of minutia he dealt with during his White House years, it's apparent Carter believes his legacy STILL needs some creative polishing.

NOTE: Please accept my humble acknowledgement of Norman Rockwell's fabulous
triple self-portrait.


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If Jimmah's painting a self-portrait, he's painting the wrong end!


The most twisted cubist of all time couldn't make THAT legacy NOT look bad.

Maybe he should just make some opaque rose-colored glasses; worked for Clinton, & Obama's water-carriers had theirs before they ever elected the sorry so-&-so.


This guy needs to go away and just build houses. He's a total embarrassment! His constant efforts to 'recover' his place in history makes me sick. Every time he and our current POTUS opens his mouth I just want to scream!


The perfect book cover,
perhaps it will be on the paperback edition.

Larry the Dial-Up Guy:

Maybe the roll of TP edition


I like the bucket o' books.

Rockwell's original hollow eyes/glasses in the mirror is more disturbing, but the same contrast is there. Nice job!


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