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Braves Manager Bobby Cox


He managed his last REGULAR season game today. And won (barely). Now it's on to the post-season. LET'S GO BRAVES!


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Steve M:

A nice touching tribute to another Mr. Cox.
Somehow you've captured him by only showing his back and ears!


Couldn't care less for pro sports, but I watched the games with my nephew.

How bad does an outfielder have to mess up before they call an error on him?

It looked like the combination of lousy umps & scrubs at 3rd & SS did them in.

I was hoping that in the game Bobby Cox was ejected from that he'd pull out one of those folding "blind" canes, extend it, & hand it to the 1st base ump...

...but if the Braves had lost with no controversial calls, every baseball fan I know wouldn't be talking about it like it's something that actually matters.


Have a great retirement, Mr. Cox.


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