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Haiku What?


It's the big moment
Where neurons confront morons.
Who steps up first, hmmm?

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Hey! Thanks for reminding me to pick up a couple crates of bulbs before they're outlawed.

Revelation! WOW!
Now I see! We just need to...
To, er, um, uh. Sigh.


Shards fall; don't look up!
Ideas are dangerous,
but bullets, moreso.

Please insert "quite" should
"ideas" have 2 syllables.

I'm liking G's style.

Dr. Bob:

Neurons link half-brain
with mouth to falsely proclaim
campaign promises.


In answer to John's question:

A loud commotion
All of Congress stands at once
What a big surprise


A gentler shuffling
Joe and Barry stand up too
Not to be outdone


"I've got an idea!
A new government program!
Give undocu-" ZZZTT!

Note: ZZZTT! is only one syllable.

Tom Wms.:



snowdog. :)

Dr. Bob:

Does anyone else see a resemblance to Alec Baldwin?


Well, I'm not retching, so I guess I don't see the resemblance. ( :

The brow line isn't Neanderthal enough, & even when Baldwin is smiling he looks like an irritated arrogant jerk who thinks he should have his own separate air supply.


Stephen Baldwin, maybe.


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