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The relationship between Capt'n Death and his 1st mate Duckie were...ah...to say the least ...well, uh.... let's not go there.


That's why the law should be "Two eyes for an eye."

One for restitution (which is the only real justice)--IF possible--& if not for restitution, for the best attempt at justice for the victim--& the other for punishment... so that, in the future, no further eyes will be unjustly taken.

Violate someone else's liberty & lose that liberty two-fold.

From what I've read, that system was pretty effective over the course of about 4,000 years.


But T, we've become so much more compassionate and understanding now. After all, it's all relative. Nothing is black and white, merely shades of gray. There are no absolutes. Everyone should be free to do their own thing. Everyone has rights, that 'responsibility thing' is just an irritating holder over from a discredited past built on sexual repression and worker exploitation.


Neither one was sure if they were yet "even". Which was worse having an eye accidentally put out by a steel hook or having his pet duck wait until he was in a drunken stupor to slowly and methodically peck away until the eye was gone? Each one stared at the other with his remaining good eye as they contemplated their future together. They wondered if they would ever trust one another again.

Steve M:

Am I seeing doubble?

One of the frequently misinterpretted passages in the Bible. At the time, the most common reaction if someone wronged you would be some sort of massive retaliation. So when the Bible said 'an eye for an eye' it was meant in the sense of 'never take more than an eye for an eye' not in the sense of 'always take at least an eye for an eye'.


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