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Today's Special


(Cartoon inspired by dshapiro)

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These people are fundamentally misguided! I don't think you can portray these kooks as being too crazy. Keep it up!

This is so much more than increasing taxes on the rich. This is Social Engineering 666.

So is this an attempt to get your name in the news by generating a firestorm of controversy? ;>


"...a firestorm of controversy?"

How so? Both Barry and Harry have a bone in their nose. I'm sure you've read the news. At every turn "the rich" are going to pay for our "new" government. The only other way to portray Nancy Pelosi would be as a drunken sailor on a 3 day pass....with YOUR credit card.

glad you didn't put this in the Post

I don't disagree with the point, I was just suprised he had the courage/obliviousness to draw it this way.


Have you noticed how political cartoonist's have been tiptoeing around Obama? Yeah, I can see the watermelon thing as racist. But looking back at just the last 8 years; wasn't picturing Bush as a monkey pushing the bounds "of good taste". Love him or hate him, he was the president. At least he was in good company. Lincoln was often referred to as 'the baboon of the praire' and was once pictured as a monkey. Obama likes to compare himself to Lincoln. Can we then use the same caricature on him?



"Obliviousness"--BAH. If anything, this cartoon is too mild. I wish John had done it as "The Temple of Doom" with Obama as that hideous whatever-it-was that could reach in the chests of his victims, pull out their beating hearts, & show them before he plunged them into the fire.


Good point. The Lefty objective is to pull everyone down to the bottom so that we can all be united in starvation.

Divided we stand. United we die.



Sorry I left you out. Good point as well.



Did you see Pelosi at that State of the Union address (or whatever the hell it was.) She looked like a 14 year old junior high missy at a Jonas Brother's concert. Thought she was going to leap over the podium and jump his bones.

GAWD! We're in Serious Shit!


I'd give anything for a screen shot of Joe Biden's expression after she got up the 3 or 4th time. Which means he had to get up as well. He wasn't happy. Hemorrhoids?

Steve M:


THAT'S RACIST!!! Depicting Harry Ried with a bone through his nose, you should be ashamed...

Dr Bob:

Harry Reid's bone should be through his brain, not his nose.


Don't you find it interesting that the three stooges (hint for another cartoon) Obama, Reid and Pelosi are preparing to screw the very people who paid big money in campaign contributions? Talk about biting the hand that feeds them.

For the record, "the rich" don't make enough, even if taxed at 100%, to handle the new spending the stooges have budgeted. They're coming after you, my friends.


Very nice. Will be posting it in one of my cartoon threads this week using this click-on "the rich" audio:



Saw "Hellboy" on DVD this past weekend. The bulging eyes and rictus grin on "Nasty" Pelosi reminded me of one of the demons in the movie. The demon had his lips and eyelids surgically removed and couldn't be killed, no matter how many times it was shot or stabbed (a fitting metaphor for a number of political careers).


This is a fantastic illustration! It captures the heart of the matter....now would you do one with the Witches of Eastwick with Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstien?


This is a fantastic illustration! It captures the heart of the matter....now would you do one with the Witches of Eastwick with Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstien?

Tom Wms:

Bon appetite.


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