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The Killer Angels


I finished up Michael Shaara's novel on the Battle of Gettysburg. Wonderful reading yet quite sad.

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Militant Bibliophile:

A truly wonderful book. My wife read it YEARS before I finally did, and I only wish I'd listened to her and read it sooner. Even handed and well written. The movie Gettysburg is also quite well done and a fairly good rendition of the book.

Militant Bibliophile:

BTW, is that Longstreet?


Pretty close...more of an amalgamation of a few Confedrate generals.


For Longstreet, July 3rd had to be the saddest day of all. Lee had begin to believe in his own invinceablity.


Of course Grant would show the same obstinancy the next year at Cold Harbor. Meade of all people would follow Grant's orders and have his men advance across open ground against fortified breastworks. Meade evidently left his Gettysburg notebook at home that day.


His son's prequel, Gods and Generals, is a worthy read as well.

However, I find myself wishing that Michael had written Gods & Generals & left the other two to Jeffrey.

"P.S. However", I expect that had that been the case, we would never have heard of Michael Shaara, & there would be no sequels.

It ain't good bidness to go against popular misconception.


Spent a beautiful leaves changing fall day at Gettysburg...bought the book there..read it nonstop cover to cover...

I sat on a big rock on Little Round Top's flank (by the 20th Maine monument) and read the whole section of "Killer Angels" that covered Chaimberlain's defense on the second day.

As I read, the afternoon sun went down into the trees and the ghosts were peeking over my shoulder.


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