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Sketchbook Refugees


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Looks like a street sting, guy with the coffee has got to be a cop.


What struck me is how it resembles my view of Congress!



You should put a bunch of these sketchbook pieces up on to a poster. Or hell, just cafepress stuff.


Not a bad idea....


Kid in Green: "Dad, that lady is defying gravity."
Dad: "In more ways than you realize, my boy."


Having thought about Garandfan's (& ferry360's) observation(s) for a while, I think this might be a good virtual illustration of what the world might look like to the kid who fell down the well if he could look up through the cameras of the hyper-hyped media's cameras & see beyond them to all of the losers who were gawking at his plight on their TV sets.


Danged "cut & paste" & "short attention span"...


Hee hee.........

Really man. I'd be in.

Collections of quiptoons with the top 10-15 responses? That'd work too :)

I've actually started using your sketchbook refugee posts as writing idea generators; having to use all the characters present in the post.

Gotta admit, this one's got me a little stumped :p

Hey Mike

Gee, that sounds kinda hard. I would think any attempt at connecting these random images would turn into some sort of William S, Burroughs mind trip.


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