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Watercolor Study


This is a little 9" x 6" work on paper that may turn into a larger canvas piece. No title yet....

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How about "Reach"? I like that she's dancing outside.


I notice that you have a phallic symbol in the background. And what look like steps leading to it. Is this a subliminal Rorschach test?

Nice use of shading in defining muscle tone.


I say monastary tower...you say phallic symbol. Which one of us needs a leather couch and lithium?

Now, now fellas. I think we can all agree that it's a monastery tower AND a phallic symbol.

Yep, when I think of a "monk" that's what I picture.


Well it's one of those musical instruments!

Again, why not both? I ask you, if a belfry is not a phallic cymbal then what is? Consider the bell itself with its clapper inside the hollow metal vessel...

"Therapy," you say?


Not appropos anything in particular, just wondering why the phallic, er...tower summounts the picture of the woman in the foreground, who looks to be engaged in stretching exercises. Then you have those rather large steps leading upwards and the mind begins to wander as to latent possiblities. What is the woman thinking? She is obviously confident as her back is to the phal....tower. She does not view it as a threat; a challenge? She has the hint of a smile on her face. Does this presage an easy victory? Or anticipated pleasure?

Spot on, GarandFan. Some might simply call it a "mountain" but them be large steps. The woman is obviously stretching... or shagging... or maybe hailing a cab. And she is totally intent on the surmounting p...tower.

Really, what is more likely: that you and I share this common delusion, or that John is drawing suggestive pictures? In fact, I predict that this is a theme that you and I will continue to find running through many of his paintings.

I say we gather here tomorrow to discuss this further. :)


Nice... I like the way she holds her head with such poise



(excuse me...it's time for my medication,,,,)


A better question might be how much does the subconscious influence the artist?

Is a drawing really spontaneous? Or is there period when an idea germinates totally unbidden in the back of the mind, only to leap out, triggered by some emotional, environmental or physical event?

Is a doodle free association to escape the current reality or merely the artist's current flight of fantasy or whimsy?

Actually John, I just like to screw with people's minds from time to time. After 30 years as a street cop you should see what I do at parties when I find a psychiatrist to play with.

Hey John. Don't be so hard on Baron, there. He's new and didn't know any better.

Oh dear, I fear we've pushed our sane artist in. Welcome to group therapy, John. You know, our therapist used to be a cop...


She's beautiful, not necessarily in the usual physical beauty sense. She looks like a ballerina in her practice exercises, but her mind seems far from practice.

You really have a touch with female portraits.


I don't know, all, looks to me like a girl who's having a devil of a time flagging down a cabbie. And it's about to rain.

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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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