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Post Mortem


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Suicide by Democrat.


To be followed by several cities in the People's Republik of Kalifornia.


and I thought/think our news is scary sometimes.


Medium* Barbrady:

"Nothing to see here, people. Move along, you looky-loos."

* Singular of "media" - NOT "fortune-teller" - although the credibility level is about the same.

Dr. Bob:

Not only corruption and entitlement, but lets add capital flight and public safety (or lack of it) to the list of reasons.

After the 1967 race riots, the upper middle class fled the city to the suburbs due to violence. Then during the Colman Young decades, most other productive people fled the city, leaving the city with few taxpayers and a large number of people on welfare programs. What little quality of life there was crapped out as the city couldn't afford basic services, leading to anarchy in some neighborhoods and financial failure.

Eric Fithian:



Sorry about this....

Keep on truckin"!


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