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and now a word from Malcolm X...

What got my attention about this quote is how it goes against everything Martin Luther King Jr. stood for, yet, oddly enough, King was on good terms with the hot-headed radical.

How many people are waiting on HIS marble likeness on The Mall?

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Martin Luther King Junior had a positive message. He dreamed our society would improve. It seems that many of the so called Civil Rights leaders that followed him do not have a positive message. They do not have a dream of a better society. All they have are complaints and accusations. Dialogue is a one way street.
I do think our society has improved on Civil Rights. We can still improve but we need a leader with a positive message.


There may be a statue of MLK on the mall, but I don't think it is a good representation of him - at all. It looks communist - a rigid dictator type of personality. And it was created by a Chinese who would have intimate access to that type of personality. That's not MLK.


On its own, I like this. It makes me think of some of the edgier late 60s to 70s caricatures--I get a "Pink Panther" kind of vibe. The ethereal shading effect kicks it up a notch.

I appreciate the irony of this one on more than one level.

No further comment.

John Cox:

Hey T
Once again, thanks for chipping in an insightful take on this. I tend to go back and forth on how much "slickness" or "texture" is in my caricatures. I let the caricature subject suggest the approach.

Dr. Bob:

A very curious person, this X fellow. Particularly that after more than a decade of being a militant leader of the Nation of Islam, he moved away from it, denounced it.

In the aftermath, he was under constant threat from the Nation of Islam - death threats, bombs placed in his car, his house burned to the ground. He eventually was murdered by 3 Nation of Islam members.

It's very hard to predict what would have happened had he lived.

The Wikipedia entry for X is very interesting - explains a lot about N of I.


He is very interesting, his thoughts and ideas changed when he came here.

His former "brothers" killed him. Black on black hate crime, something we don't hear very much about -- I've often wondered about that!


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