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Doc Al:

How do you think of this stuff? It's brilliant, creative, twisted, and slightly deviant all at the same time. And, hopefully, the beginning of the series of "Historical Figures At The Improv".

John Cox:

Hey Doc

I've maintained an intense interest in stand-up comedy for quite awhile now, so I just wondered what if historical figures had done some stagework, what would it sound like. I think Einstein would have a been a natural. Maybe Idi Amin.

Doc Al:

Winston Churchill, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Eleanor Roosevelt. We should brainstorm some ideas over a martini or three.

John Cox:

Hey Doc
Indeed. There's a chunk of material there. And cocktails might help.


Alfred Hitchcock


ya know, giving a few thousand speeches is really hard work. It's just not fun. Boooorrrriiiinnnggggg.

My most famous speech is my freaking shortest. Yeah, the one at Gettysburg. Go figure.

Darn, after speaking at every cotton-pickin' town and hamlet in the States about everything from grand openings of saloons to the Madison Ladies Aid Society to the State of the Union, the best speech was dashed off in 5 minutes in a railroad coach.

What the finagle?

Spend days on a speech and you bomb - total flopola, failure, kaput. Scribble a few notes and fling it out there - brilliance.

All I do now is be awake enough to know the name of the town and the occasion. Then you wing it. And everybody loves it.

It's good to be the President.


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