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Enhance Your Life!


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Dr. Bob:

Bennies are beautiful!


I'm seeing a T-shirt line marketed to hipsters who happen to be into the peoples' hemp (etc.) liberation movement.

John Cox:

Hey T

Thanks for the encouraging suggestion. That's not my market, but there is a certain satire that works here.


Ah, "Mother's Little Helper"! Walter White and his sidekick, Jesse, would have been the pillars of their community, lauded for their business acumen and work-ethic ("Try new 'Blue Crystal'!")


Oh - I like the expression of manic happiness on the woman's face. Here's an article on Spiegel Online about how the Nazis dosed their soldiers and airmen with amphetamines. Imagine if Walter White and Jesse had been selling their "blue crystal" to the Comanche, the Apache, or the Sioux and, in turn, to the US Cavalry. The Indian Wars would have been a whole lot nastier.

T again:


Glad you didn't take my poorly worded comment as an insult. I meant to say "The colors & the graphics would make for good t-shirts--given a different message."

There was one done in the same vein that I wanted but never had the nerve to buy. It had a picture of a mail deliveryman with the caption "Don't mess with me... I'm Disgruntled"

John Cox:

Hey T

I knew what you meant. I like to think my work is flexible, too.


T or how about "Postal? You want to see POSTAL?!"


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