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Called Bluff


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Tom Wms.:

That pretty much nails B. O.'s strategy.


Just more of that "smart" diplomacy.


Yeah! And Mr. Assad has given the Palestinians permission to attack us from the Golan. And, something about if we attack again, he'll retaliate.

Van T:

I cannot get there from here, baby
And I don't care where I'm goin'
Here's to your thin red line
I'm stepping over

Thought you'd never miss me
'Til I got a Fat City address
Non-stop talker, what a rocker!
Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress

"Change," nothing stays the same
Unchained, yeah you hit the ground running
"Change," and nothing stays the same
Unchained, yeah you hit the ground running

No, I don't ask for permission
This is my chance to fly
Maybe enough ain't enough for you
But it's my turn to try...

Hey man... That empty suit is you...
You'll play some golf today for sure...
Don't tell us how you do...


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