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Doc Al:

I blame it all on bush....


Damn! Doc beat me to it! ;)

John Cox:

Hey Troglodytes

Stay classy, my knuckle-dragging friends. The human body is a bee-yootiful thing.



I nav'ed in just a few minutes after you posted this. I refrained from commenting because I couldn't think of a tasteful way to say that--of the women I have been attracted to--the most beautiful (not necessarily pretty, although some were) were the most natural in appearance (as well as the most genuine in conduct).

I wish the "exploit-the-self-consciousness-of-women" industry would dry up.

She can leave her hat on, though. ( :

Nice illustration. However, I am a tad bit surprised you didn't pair it with a Courbet quote.


The quote reminds me, I read somewhere (@Iowahawkblog ?)
that Twitter star and Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner is teaching French Poetry at NYU.
He offerred to show some co-eds a little Balzac.

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