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Strokes of Genius


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"Tiger says Obama is a pretty good golfer for a guy who only plays 5 times a week" -Jay Leno

Tom Wms.:

It's nice to know he has his priorities in order as our economic score card is full of double bogeys.

Doc Al:

I sense an ornithological theme this week. Is it "national refer to birds week" or something?

Ed B:

He counts tax revenue the same way.


I know where I'd like to put those clubs!

John Cox:

Hey Doc

Had a jackdaw joke lined up, but now maybe I save it.




"I'm having to count unrecorded strokes inherited from, uh... from, uh... Gerald Ford?"


To stretch the bird analogy beyond golf:

"Scarlet Ibis!"


So after so much press pressure about golf outings, GWB decided to not play golf after 9-11 to focus on the problems. Where is the press on Berry?????? "Whaaa, what about Tiger?" While I still have a voice, I hate the Pravda Press.


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