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Look what Obama found in the seat cushions.


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Ed B:

Never mind heads or tails. When you flip this coin, it comes up ass on both sides.

Tom Wms.:

Do you think we will all get one? After all, if he keeps it up, it won't be worth much more than 23¢.

Tom Wms.:

Ed B: Now that's funny.


Barry must get his economic ideas from the Finance Minister in Zimbabwe.


I propose a new inscription to replace the Latin one:

فمن السهل أن تأخذ المال من السفهاء

Translated: "It is easy to take the money of fools" (i.e., "Fools and their money are soon parted").

Mmmm mmmm mmmm...

Dr. Bob:

I like the concept, John.

Now we need the Krugman virtual $1 billion coin - by virtual, it's there but there's nothing backing it's value. Make it out of plastic.

And I can't wait for the "Bernanke buck".

BTW, I looked in my seat cushions and the only coin I found was a 1970s Fargo ND bus token.

Which in the future may be worth more than the $1T Obamanation_coin (tm)

A riff on Ed B -

When you flip this coin, regardless which side is up, the taxpayer always loses.

Terwiliger -

Maybe the inscription should be in Chinese?

Back before the Federal Reserve, banks issued their own notes. I have one from the Bank of Pensacola.

So what will happen when the dollar goes kaput? Maybe banks will issue their own coins. Imagine...

I bought lunch with a Citibank 10 Citi coin, otherwise it would have cost $50,000 USD.

Coming soon to a Banana republic near you.


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