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Logo Illustration Idea


Of course, "Tropic Thunder" is a Ben Stiller comedy, but I thought the title sounded like:

a) An island cocktail for tourists
b) A variety of weed making the rounds on college campuses
c) A roller derby team out of Key West
d) A cologne for lonely retirees

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Tom Wms.:

5. An episode of "Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition".


7. Fruit-flavored laxative

John Cox:

Funny additions, guys.

Doc Al:

"Tropic Thunder-Thighs" overweight, cellulite-ridden cruise ship tourists who insist on wearing flowery shorts. Even though they shouldn't. I guess that's the price paid for being in a tropical environment - for every bronzed blonde goddess in a bikini, there's a Gladys from Hoboken.

Doc Al:

I'm not aware of a Roller Derby Team in Key West but one of my friends plays on the Southernmost Bocce League - I think that could be a good name for a Bocce Team, too.

John Cox:

Indeed. Do they trash-talk in bocce?


"Do they trash-talk in bocce?"

Yeah, but the Italian accent is so thick you really don't understand HOW you've been insulted. Until they put thumb to front teeth.....


I learned something today. I thought "bocce" was spelled "bocci" & was the French equivalent of "cannonball."

Aren't the Keys subtropical? Maybe it could be a Hawaiian roller derby team... but then you'd have to add a half dozen apostrophes, which would mess up the logo. Meh. At least the Keys' climate is considered tropical. Forget I wrote this part.

Dr. Bob:

A Hawaiian Motorcycle gang?

This just in - Dateline Atlanta. . .
Coca-Cola Corp just announced the rebranding of its Tropicana division to Tropic Thunder. The rebranding is intended to make the brand's juicss more appealing to the x-generation and younger juice drinkers.

Doc Al:

Oh, yeah, they trash talk in bocce. The Southernmost league is apparently the largest league in the country (being able to play year-round probably has something to do with that). I've watched them play a number of games - it's a mixed bunch of people - young, old, neighborhood teams, bar teams, etc. The courts are a half block from the ocean - it's a great setting - they all tailgate before the games with grills, coolers full of beer, etc.


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