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Chicken Nuggets of Wrath


Chick-fil-A is known for tasty fried chicken sandwiches, refreshing sweet tea and a virulent anti-gay stance. Drop by sometime and ask for a tall, frosty glass of Intolerance with a steaming pile of Moral Superiority.

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"a virulent anti-gay stance"

I wasn't aware they had 'anti-gay' slogans on their packaging.

John Cox:

Hey G
Research their company policy on homosexuality.


Hear, hear! More gay on the sandwiches, please! :-)

I actually don't like their food, but I don't find their stance "virulent" and no more intolerant than the other side.

Capitalism is a good solution, and perhaps one day the two groups can meet in the middle and remove the government from the marriage business altogether. Sadly, I think the invention of a gay sandwich is far more likely.

John Cox:

Their stance on gay chickens is unsubstantiated.

"VIRULENT", bitterly hostile.


Samuel Morse, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison. One has to wonder how they would fare in today's society.


Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Volume 34, Number 1, Winter 2010, pp. 245-288.


John Cox:




An opinion derived from deep-seated religious faith and belief is not worthy of respect?

Ohhh! I see!

It's only when virulent Lefties talk that we must listen and blindly obey.

Putz. This is America.

You are entitled to your opinion and they are to theirs.

John Cox:

Name calling? Really??



Do you not see the glaring contradiction between your initial point & the 1st word of your next-to-last line? Magnanimity, dude--ALWAYS--or you are the enemy of whatever witness you profess...

...& for once, I'm waiting for the next thread.

Dr. Bob:

All -

Why must EVERYTHING be polarized and divided?

Since when do I have to agree with a company's policy in order to business with them or to boycott one when I disagree with their policy.

Why can't we just allow people and companies to hold their opinions and leave it at that?

It's interesting how society tries to force diversity while trying to punish others' views. Weird - and counterproductive.

Ya know whenever I hear the term virulent when referring to a food joint I think food poisoning followed by three days on the great white porcelain throne.

BTW, John I like the art and like the snark in the commentary. Creative and pointed. I'm just not quite with you on the issue.

John Cox:

Gotcha. I just felt like drawing some cows.

Sacred or not.

I appreciate your input.


The ideal of tolerance from the 90s has been replaced by a demand for acceptance and full endorsement or you get vilified, apparently even in cartoons. To accuse someone of hate for having a different moral view is hyperbole. You cannot address intolerance and hate by choosing to be intolerant and hateful to a different group. Interesting the GLBT community is never portrayed as hateful or intolerant for trying to marginalize Christians. The irony of that would made good fodder for a future piece.


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