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and now a word from Oscar Wilde...


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Isn't the "want" in the "wanting"?


Yep. In getting what you want, you lose the aspiration that got "it." "Stuff" is necessary, but it's overemphasized. More than you need makes you a slave to "more." Make a task (i.e., doing something useful) your objective, & you get what you want without ever possessing it. Tragedy averted, true happiness found (even if not always attained).


I loved the George Carlin riff on "stuff". You bought a bigger house, because you bought a lot of "stuff" that you wanted. When you went on vacation, you took an almost empty suitcase. Why? So you'd have a place to transport all the "stuff" you purchased.

A long time ago, my kids and I had a discussion about "want" and "need". Only in their late 20's did they begin to see the difference. I think that was about the time they realized that what THEY PAID FOR is not what they NEEDED.


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