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and now a word from Ray Bradbury...


Science fiction giant, Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) will remain a platinum standard of highly thoughtful and entertaining stories that reveled in our shortcomings yet burnished our desire to redeem humankind.

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Dr. Bob:

T -

I see your point!


Thanks John.I was hoping you'd do something on this.

Yo Menashe:

If you want to live long and prosper, that's exactly what you do.

And, "prosper" doesn't necessarily mean piles of money.


T again:

DR. B:

Sometimes one wants to acknowledge something, but there isn't anything "he" (i.e., I) can add that doesn't detract...

... & I now hold the record (that can never be broken under current comment protocol) for the shortest post ever on John Cox Art...

... & I had never really noticed--aside from the hair--how much Ray Bradbury & Phil Silvers favored each other, especially in their later years.

T one last time:

YWHS to Yo (Yo, you popped in after I opened the page & posted before I hit "send"--I had to leave my PC for a moment).



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