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Say What?


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"Fifty bucks for cab fare? So, what's the donkey for, then?

Doc Al:

This was the original idea for the final scene from "Newhart" where Bob and Emily woke up in their old bed.


Well, time to get up, back to the grind of protecting whats-his-name.


"All sex must go through me, signed POTUS."

What if he wasn't referring to the messenger donkey? Just to be safe, next time we're doing it through POTUS.

Ed B:

Bring the car around pronto. We've got to get them back to Tijuana in time for the six o'clock donkey show.


"Charlie Foxtrot--we have an 'honest Burro-cratic SNAFU'. No worries. POTUS Chong is a greased asino morto. Mike-Sierra-Mike cheese-eaters have his back."


"Sorry. Rex is in the middle of something right now."


This catering to the female Latino vote is a bitch!

Dr. Bob:

Strange bed-fellows?

Tom Wms.:

Well, gee whiz wouldja look at the time?


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