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I would have quipped "Walk-on day at _______ Tech" if it wasn't for that "Heavenward... angel" part.


Yep, angels need caressing, too!


Keith Olbermann, the early years.

Dr. Bob:

When I was a kid, I played right field.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say it played me.

I much would have rather played left out.

Johnny Logan:

I think it was spring, 1979...

I had just moved from the inner city school of Southern California to a small country town in the mountains above Bakersfield. I was the skinny kid with acne who was good at math and computer programming. Naturally, being the unknown, the "cool" kids, when setting up an opposing team that they thought they could beat, made sure to put those people they thought couldn't catch/run/throw in those positions where they knew they would hit the ball. The PE coach allowed this only because it seemed he was also the coach of the baseball team. That means I found myself in LEFT field.

Two straight catches and a throw-out to first base and the "cool" team was ready to kick my butt. If they had asked, I would have told them that I played left field at the school I had just left both in seventh and eighth grade, I had been selected for the junior varsity team...

It was kinda fun having them try to threaten me with bodily harm because I was actually an "athlete"...

John Cox:

Those are my favorite anecdotes; The Kid From Nowhere Makes The Locals Look Stupid. Good stuff.

The fact you didn't mention your baseball prowess showed a certain coolness that probably made your days there more interesting than if you had bragged and then bagged.


Homage to Linus of Peanuts?

John Cox:

HEY Kalashnikat

Very perceptive. I wanted to portray an introspective kid stuck out in right. Linus-like, indeed.


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