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Haiku What?


A divine notion
That simple things have merit
Refreshes the mind.

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Yo Menashe:

Lovely, John.


John Cox:

Thanks for the kind word. So glad you're appearing in these comments these days.


Aristotle said,
"Art is life's reward for strife."
... or something like that.

Serenity image,there, nice.
Hope you are doing well,you rogue!

Doc Al:

District of Columbia
Cherry tree in pot

T again:

dwarf tree in a bowl
that's about as big a world
as man can control

leave [the] heav'n(s) to God
we can barely manage the
wonders of it (sm)all

John Cox:


I think my rogue days are over. Might as well be spooning tapioca at the Home For Recovering Cartoonists Who Used To Behave Like 12 Year Olds.

Thanks for the kind word. Still swinging for the fences, though.

What the hell's wrong with tapioca? I myself have been-oops,TMI.



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