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and now a word from Lao Tzu...


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"Confucius say, 'Woman who cooks carrots and peas in same pot very unsanitary.'" - Redd Foxx

For some reason, that noggin makes me think of a jellyfish (beard & hair being "tentacles").


"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy" - sounds easy enough. This seems akin to "Work smarter, not harder" (why not "Work smarter AND harder"?)

T again:

To clarify:

I like the illustration. That's an interesting rendering of Lao Tzu--different from what I'm accustomed to seeing.

Perhaps the exaggerated cranium is to connote "brainpower"?

John Cox:

Hey T
Yeah, I allow myself lots of leeway when I do caricatures of the Ancients.


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