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What'll ya have?


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Frankly, I think a Gingrich presidency would be fun, just for the press conferences. But I imagine I'll have to commission some artist for a bumper sticker of an elephant with a knot in his trunk saying "I'm holding my nose for Romney".


(E) None of the above.

"I never vote for anyone; I only vote against." - W. C. Fields (variation)

(F) Dark Horse!


Gingrich would be fun. Paul would be crazy fun. I'm leaning toward Mr. Magoo.

It's fascinating how weary they all look. Aptly, I think. It gives the caricatures a sort of honesty.

Romney seems to be the only one with a smile. Maybe it's 'cause he's leading, or maybe it's not really a smile but a well developed feature of his face, or maybe he's just a happy guy.

Santorum looks like he's about to get hit hard, and he knows it.

Great job capturing them, John!


Now that's a ROGUES GALLERY!

Dr. Bob:

Like the caricatures, the candidates - not so much.

These guys are all damaged goods - thanks to beating the living snot out of each other.

None has earned my vote, but I'm still a member of the Anybody but Obama club.

Where's Fred Thompson when you need him?


Fred's a Newt-meets-Mitt, only less. I'd like to know more about Joel Pollak. For me, watching his calm restraint as Soledad O'Brien and Jay Thomas showed off their smug, vast ignorance was the highlight in the past three years of politics.

Jay Thomas is a moldy klingon on the brown crust that is Bill Maher on the prolapsed hemorrhoid that is the Progressive Left that extends from the sphincter of the Democrat part. Completely off-topic, but man, that felt good.

Tom Wms.:


They look like they could be characters in the "Haunted House" ride at Disney World.

Romney's chin points to his right. Let's hope the rest of him follows.
Santorum seems cautiously optimistic, as if he is thinking, "Welllllll, maybe."
Newt has that know it all smirk.
Paul seems to be saying, "I don't trust none of you S.O.B.s".

Dr. Bob, I still have a Fred sticker on my car.

Larry the Dial-Up Guy:

That thar Newt feller looks like 'at little person womern from them thar Poultrygeist moovies.


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