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and now a word from Ludwig Van Beethoven,..


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Ludwig, thankfully, never met our EPA.


Again, bounded rationality (the limit on rationality imposed by experience, innate cognitive ability, & time). He was born a connected genius. What would he know from barriers? (In a political sense--I know he had his share of strife in later life; I can't imagine the torment of being a musical genius who can't hear.)

Generally speaking, this is simply more [historical] evidence of the "vastness" of the economic & political "knowledge" of those in the entertainment industry.

T again:

And again... very cool concept & illustration.

I don't entirely disagree with the quote--basically an improv on "Where there's a will, there's a way." I'm thinking of another quote, but I don't remember it well enough, & I don't remember who said it. The gist is, "It is almost certain you will not get all you work for in this life; but it is certain you must work for what you get" (& Lefties are fervently working to prove the axiom wrong).

In other words, don't let the fear of failing to attain the success you want keep you from being a success at all.


Thanks again for the good word. Your description of the quote's meaning is dead on.


Like your art and quotes a lot. Just a minor issue, his name is Ludwig VAN Beethoven. Common mistake here in the US.

Glad you are recovering and hope you continue your great work as long as you wish to.

John Cox:


Good catch. Fixed it. Thanks.


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