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Shaping Up


Gringrich's rise in the Republican polls bodes well for his neo-conservative strengths. Now the question is, can he attain some sort of symmetry that appeals to The Left?

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"...can he attain some sort of symmetry that appeals to The Left?"

With the Democrats admitting that they are abandoning the white middle class, looks like he'll have a chance.

Tom Wms.:

As I've said in the past, I like Newt (gee, it has a nice ring to, a' la "I like Ike"). It's interesting to watch the endless barrage from all corners. Hopefully in January, the field will be narrowed and we can all begin to unite under one common banner. Any ideas on who would make a good running mate?

Dr. Bob:

Nice piece, John.

Newt doesn't need the left - he needs almost all of the middle 30-40% - without losing the right. The battle is always to win the nomination, then to win the middle third.

I'm not going to speculate on what strengthening the middle arm would look like.

Regarding the Democrats abandoning the white middle class - I think back in 1980 these voters were called "Reagan Democrats".

But expect more of the same class warfare rhetoric, the blame the Republicans spiel and the anti-rich propaganda, while ignoring his part in increasing spending, of increasing regulation, crony-capitalism and a stimulus that did nothing to stimulate the economy.


I was all in for Cain, but he's toast. Somebody's out to get him BIG TIME (Spooky Dude? The Sterns? The Chicago Mob?). Even if he's been 100% forthcoming about the sex allegations, they're not going to let up (probably because he's the guy they're REALLY afraid of). You might want to put some ice on that, Herman. It's over.

I thought that Mitt had a big charisma/"charm factor" edge over Newt--but seeing Mitt's smarmy fake charm for the past however-many-months it's been, he has nothing over Newt.

I haven't heard anybody address the big problem with Mitt head on, so I'll say it: The fact that he's a Mormon is a big liability. He will lose a fair chunk of the "religious right"--they may not vote "Barry", but they'll either abstain or cast a protest vote--& the "religious left" (which is WAY left) will go even farther left.

I never thought I'd say it (in spite of the fact that I generally like him, I didn't think he could sway the middle), but Newt is the new Big Kahuna...

...& as far as "swinging the middle", THAT'S THE PROBLEM. The middle is sick of politicians who wine & dine them just to whack their tally & then climb out the bathroom window in the night.

I think a Republican who can articulate what republicanism is, stand on principle, & protect the liberties (i.e., minimize the conflict of liberty) of (between) individuals will carry the middle--no problem.

Barring a phenom coming out of the woodwork, Newt is our best hope at the executive level--but the SENATE is what we REALLY need.


Cain needs to hang on as long as he can, if for no other reason than to shield the rest. They have "Files" on every candidate, and are working hard to nudge things so that the one they have the most ammo for will be the nominee, and after the convention, the one they kept their hands off of will get it in spades.


As a side note, so far this presidential campaign has been rather tame.

Just wait until after the nominating convention.

This will go down as the dirtiest campaign ever. Barry and the leftest hoard are not going to go down without a fight.

Dr. Bob:

GF, T, Mauser, et. al. -

I think you are right about the dirtiest campaign ever and you can guarantee the main stream media will be carrying Zero's water and will ignore his competition's message entirely.

They'll make Rathergate with the false Guard memos look tame in comparison. BTW, CBS has been banned in my house except for the Super Bowl and the Master's since they pulled that BS.

Also expect that the Demos will have unlimited money at their disposal due to unions, lobbyists and big business.

I was thinking that maybe the OWS stuff was a small scale test of organizing for some large-scale, widespread rioting fomented by the Democrats and their constituencies (big labor, ACORN, etc.) preceding the election.

I'm not convinced the Demos were behind the Cain accusations - they would have waited longer before pulling the trigger on the attacks.

But you can be certain, they will have a full arsenal of crap to throw at each of the other candidates - most, if not all of which will be false and misleading, but placed late enough by their accomplices in the press that it can't be addressed. A late October surprise is inevitable.

Hopefully, the voters are smart enough to not get hoodwinked by the press again.


Good point, G. It's ironic how their belief in their righteousness emboldens them to fight dirty.

But Newt's been around so long, I wonder what other skeletons could there be?


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