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Automotive Report Cover


The cover story is about ten recent automotive industry news items that will have a serious impact on car manufacturers and aftemarket service providers.

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You have piqued my curiosity regarding the serious impact of Paint Blending.

John Cox:


The honeycombed underworld that is "automotive aftermarker services" is best left unexamined by the squeamish.

Dr. Bob:

John - re the squeamish comment, that's for sure. It's a never-ending battle been the body repair guys and the damn insurance bean counters.

The insurance guys are always trying to save money by mandating non-OEM, substandard parts or used parts from a boneyard which require more labor to prep than new, then they squish the labor hours and demand discounts on the hour rate. Meanwhile, the shop has to deliver acceptable quality otherwise the customer complains.

I have a lot of respect for the patience and insistence of these body shop guys - I'd be making the insurance rep eat a wrench if they pulled that crap with me.

I've had more than one shop explain how these games work. And the body shops, knowing that the insurance companies try to underpay and take less, add in some extra cost to provide some buffer for the eventual screwing by the insurance companies.

One day, I had three vehicles in different locations and all three were significantly damaged by hail. First, the adjuster accused me of fraud, then the insurance company tried to screw the body shop to the point where the repairs weren't going to be complete or adequate quality.

I chewed my agent's ass but good and told him that as soon as my vehicles are fixed, I want to drop the insurance company faster than a bad habit. He wasn't very helpful, so I fired him AND Progressive.



Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums, not to pay benefits.


Perhaps the only agency worse at AXIOM #1 than insurance companies is government (taxes = premiums, benefits = whatever they'll allow you to have [& whatever they can take for themselves])...

...of course, AXIOM #2 doesn't refer to auto insurance.


Make the bums pay COBRA premiums out of their own pockets, & give them the same treatment they'd get under Medicare.

Sorry I slipped OT.


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