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Doc Al:

And I thought homosexuals had better taste in shoes.

When Ahmadinejad stated in a US university address he said there were no homosexuals in Iran -- the student audience laughed.

NOT FUNNY -- I wonder if they've figured it out yet!



"I wonder if they've figured it out yet!"

Yo, that presupposes that those in the university have any intelligence.


Doc was right though...all the homosexuals that I've known (about) were well kept.


That is so absurd. I can't find humor in it.

Negation by declaration? Let the DEMs hear about this & they won't bother trying to constrain debt. They'll just issue an edict proclaiming that the national debt has been eliminated, & every year they'll declare that the budget is balanced.

Health care reform? There will be no medical treatment. All doctors will be charged with the sole task of declaring their patients healthy.

Oh man. I just got the biggest jolt of inspiration. Thanks everybody.

You're right Garanfand... one must have brain for intelligence!



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