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Say What?


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E L Frederick:



That does it. I'm going to tell Jr. what 'I' want. For him to get a job and start paying rent, or he can occupy someone else's street.


They seemed so harmless when they were 6 years old!

Ed B:

Don't fall for it Gladys. "Candy" is just a code word. What they really want is to live in our basement and mooch off us until their social security kicks in.

Ed B:

Ya gotta give them props for persistence. I mean, it's April for God's sake.


ED B beat me to it... Hmmm... Let's see if I can come up with something else:

"Honey, if there was going to be a 24/7 holiday, it had to be Halloween, not Christmas--& Easter didn't even stand a chance. Christmas is the season of giving. Easter is the season of redemption. Halloween is the season of extortion. Secular humanists roll up in the fetal position & cry like babies at the mention of anything associated with even the idea of God--much less the idea they aren't perfect as they are. I'm still trying to figure out where the sense of entitlement comes from, given their insistence on absolute moral relativism."

Dr. Bob:

How long does it take until the batteries run out?


"Well, on the bright side, at least they finally figured out what they want. But ironically, I feel an overwhelming urge to prevent them from ever getting any. Hmph. Go figure."


"This is why I didn't want Junior to become a 'community organizer.' Sooner or later, they ALWAYS turn on you."


"We put him through two graduate school degrees, a PhD, & let him move back in when he was 38. You'd think he'd have more ambition."


"Whaddaya say we give him his meth lab back on the condition that he keeps in the storage shed & uses kerosene for heat."


"Well, Marge... you have to admit he's good at what he does. He had the American Diabetes Association truck in the 'protestors'."


"Still think those individually wrapped prunes were a good idea?"

Would have said "little boxes of raisins" but had to update it.


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