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Book Cover Illustration Idea


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Neat! So how'd you go about creating the chiseled background and rounded edges?

John Cox:


That's part of another painting I did way back. I enhanced the 3-D effect by juicing the contrasts in p-shop. Generally, it's all oil on masonite, which lends itself to rich detail.


Very cool. I really like the way the "leafing" of the title follows the embossed background.

OK--now this isn't a "knock"--just a "What if?"

It would be super cool if you did the title so the letters both followed the "embossed" background & were raised a little bit like they were "laid on" (but I know roughly how many additional layers & transfers that would take--& trying to manage that many overlapping images/effects would make me dizzy--never mind the fact that I don't know how to paint).

John Cox:


Yeah, the lettering could be handled a variety of ways. I was going for a straight-forward approach that didn't call too much attention, yet felt like it belonged.


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