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Say What?


Today is national "Talk Like a Pirate Day". So have it, m' hearties.

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Arrugh Lass! Ye never herd o' Captain Spatula? Ruler of the Spanish Omelet?


Arrgh Lassie! It may not be scary in a fight but it sure helps cleaning up after me bird!

John Cox:

"Me hook's in the shop, me beauty"


"AHOY, YE LASSIE! I’m’s a’ready t’ scramble yer cackleberries in th’ mornin’. Argggh y’ gonna give up th’ booty freely orgggh is I’m’s’a gonna haff t’ load ye t’ th’ gunwalls afore?"


yar i be haz metal hand


"Ye's ne'er heard tell o' Long John Silver Dollar Pancakes?"

Ed B:

...and the bartender sez to the pirate "Why be there a steerin' wheel in yer trousers?". And the pirate answers "Arrrrgh! It be drivin' me nuts!"


Did you all (ya'll) know that today is talk Pirate Day. For you Facebook users you can go to Profile-Language-and choose-English Pirate and your whole page is in Pirate.


Aye Lassie, I be the Gally Cook! Lost me 'han with the cleaver chas'n afer a grub com'n out 'o the meat bar'l. Missed a 'wee might!


Back to Kojak! Yes they still showed smoking then, but they didn't show him chain smoking.

I was just a lad too, but read that later!

John Cox:

That be a nice one, good sir. 'Tis a thing that warms me heart.


"She may seem strange, but she beats a' scratchin' both o' yer eyes out."


"Argggh... a'hoistin' goobers with a hook is like grubbin' at a Chinese buffet with a lone chopstick."


I might ha' had the booty for a nice new hook, if only I'd been checkin' me credit score.

Tom Wms.:

Aye Lass, this be tha new Ronco Flip Swatter. I stole it for $19 gold pieces (2/fer one). I can flip me eggs, swat a fly, or paddle ye bottom and never change tools!


Aye! Tis a true modern curse! Canna' 'old me iPad an text at tha same tyme!


"Roger be not very jolly... Roger had t' give up 'is hook a'cause th' Barry went an' instituted hook control... Roger'd think the worst of it is that it be a Nerf spatula... but NOOOO... Th' worst of it be tha' the full measure of Roger's booty be committed to financin' some gubmint boondoggle fer th' nex' ten yearggghs... Barry'd be th' guy what's takin' the bread out o' Roger's mouth... Roger'd be a'wantin' a piece o' Barry..."


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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