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'Round Here...


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Isn't it amazing that we can "communicate" at all?

Sept 1969 - Sydney, Australia. Young woman I met told me that if I was in the area that night, I should come by and "knock me up".


So did you "communicate" with her, G?

I once went to a pancake house and asked if they used real maple syrup. The waitress said, "oh, yes, we make it fresh daily in the back." So, next time I brought my own real maple syrup and they said that I couldn't use it because they don't allow outside food because I could get sick and sue them and they would not know what caused my sickness. This is the world we live in.


So... get sick & sue them twice because (1) their syrup made you sick & (2) their policy interfered with your attempt to reduce the risk of getting sick.

There has to be a lawyer out their somewhere who would be willing to take the issue on as a test case (if not already).


COWBOY: You basically repeated what I said (although I used too many words).

GF: AMEN--Although looking at my countrymen, there are too many free-riders who aren't worth the risk & would benefit from those who would risk their lives. Not being a materialistic sort, I don't require much to live. I do prefer comfort, but I think I could be content as a republican kapo kicking the likes of Bill Maher & Keifums around the camp yard.


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