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First Do No Harm


I'd like to see elected Liberals take the Hippocratic Oath before they get their filthy hands on our tax dollars.

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I'm glad you said "Liberals" instead of "Democrats" as they're on both sides of the aisle (although they are EXTREMELY disproportionately distributed to the left).

Regarding the illustration: Are those horse pills for the American public to choke down? If so, perhaps we could take a cue from Robert Reich & "make better use of limited resources," and "not waste them prolonging the [political] lives of those who are no longer productive." The current problem could be fixed more efficiently with 244 cups of hemlock (give or take 2 or 4).

Dr. Bob:

Oh, that is one bitter pill to swallow!

Since you're talking about liberals, the oath they take is the hypocritical oath.

By the way, OBAMANEX, taken liberally is a powerful depressant.

According to my PDR, an overdose can cause:
- euphorius taxamuchus,
- deficitinus maximali lumpus,
- stimuli non-effectus,
and in severe cases,
- delusino grandiosius economicus.

In case of adverse reactions, it is recommended to immediately stop OBAMANEX and take 12 ounces daily of extract of Congressius gridlockinus in combination with the adult beverage of your choice for relief.


Right now our Politicians are overdosing on Spenditol.


Here's a thought. Congress, you get x number of dollars to spend. No more, no less. After meeting all the payouts over the course of a year, what ever is left will be divided amongst you to pay for your salary and benefits.

Have a nice day.



Do that & all gubmint programs will cease, they'll split the money up 535 ways, & the next day will be anarchy.

Hmmm... I'm having a hard time finding a downside other than the fact that we'll be out a one-time payment.

Cain/GarandFan in 2012!!!


I'm supportive of the Cain/GarandFan Ticket

Like the Housewife's budget idea!


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