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Clown: Don'tcha just love obama?!

American public: response.


Way to go, Marge! You haven't lived til you've sprayed a clown with an Acme mini shaving cream slash fire extinguisher.

Ed B:

Easy for you to say, Mel. We never got to go home to find Anne Bancroft waiting for us in the sack.


You have to be NOISY? No--being noisy just makes you a punk. There are all sorts of momes riding around in boom-cars in a complete stupor (NOTE TO BOOM-CAR OWNERS: Playing lousy "music" LOUD only makes it worse).

Reminds me of one of my favorite motorcycle jokes (which I updated):

(Q) Why did they invent sport bikes?
(A) So a__holes wouldn't ride Harleys.


(Q) Why did they invent straight pipes?
(A) As a fail-safe indicator so that if a__holes did ride Harleys, they'd be easy to spot.

John Cox:


I think she's using BUFFOON-B-GONE. Comes in "Pig Sty" or "Brooklyn Sewer".

Tom Wms.:

Hey, T. A great way to handle a Boom Car at a traffic light is to have an equally obnoxious sound system-roll down the window-turn the volume all the way up-play banjo music.


Banjo music?

Nah, I've got a tape of bagpipe music - "Scotland, the Brave" drive 'em nuts!


As for clowns, they're a sinister lot. Best to keep a sharp eye on 'em. Anybody who smiles that much, gotta have a sick mind.

Dr. Bob:

Ah, the old "mace in the face" trick.


From Blazing Saddles!

"Morning mam. Isn't it a beautiful day?"

"Up Yours N_@$%#"!


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