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Hang in there, East Coast.

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OMG! Mikey Bloomberg's got a gun!

Whilst sipping my favorite beverage this evening on the patio, it occurred to me that Team Barry is missing a great opportunity.

Opening shot, Barry at a table, sleeves rolled up. With steely gaze he tells his advisers around him "No! I want NEW ideas!" Suddenly a loud thunderclap and flash outside! Barry strides to the 2nd floor doorway to the outside patio as he says regally "What now?". Shot of Barry stepping onto the balcony and into the face of IRENE! Side shot of Barry raising his arms outstretched! "BE STILL!" he commands. The storm suddenly stops! The sky begins to clear, a sunbeam breaks through the clouds and lands upon his face! Off to the side, the US Army choir breaks into "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" (extra emphasis on HIS truth).
Shot of Barry walking back inside. A butler bows and hands Barry a small towel to wipe the rain splatter from his face. Barry announces "Now, where was I?"

Ya'd think with all Barry's Hollywood pals, this would be a no-brainer.


Funny stuff, GF.

I had a different take. First, let's go back to when Barry announced that he has a "plan to fix the economy" but "he's not going to tell us until September." Actually, that has nothing to with what I was thinking--I just wanted to mention it (as the Leftstream main won't touch it).

I was thinking this would be an excellent opportunity for Barry to look presidential. Since it's a natural disaster, he can't be blamed for it--& it's the perfect opportunity to show how he's "sacrificing" by cutting his vacation short--& he'll get valuable "face" (i.e., campaign) time yammering on about the human spirit, overcoming adversity, working together to reach a common goal, yada yada yada--all while "rolling up his sleeves" & making it look like he's a logistics phenom compared to Jorge W. Boosh & Katrina.

Lo & behold, when I just logged on, the lead story is about Barry cutting his vacation short, & there's a picture of AF1 at Andrews AFB.

I'll guarantee you that by tomorrow afternoon MSLSD, CCCNN, & every other media outlet (with very few exceptions, wink wink) will be doing their darnedest to make Barry look like George Dantzig.



Agreed: I've already seen Berry speak! He loves this stuff. I guarantee you, he is relishing this. He's not going to be out of power, light, and AC. Not in the White House. By the way I support the term "Dominant Liberal Establishment Mass Media"! DLEMM. I know it will never catch on and I didn't come up with it. But it does take every word to describe these guys accurately! BERRY TO THE RESCUE!

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Ok I am among friends here so I'm going to admit it. Been looking at and pronouncing FUHGEDDABOUDIT several ways, and I'm not getting it. Signed the Stupid Cowboy!

John Cox:


Have a spoonful of peanut butter in your mouth, pooch out your lips and do your best Stallone impression. Try to say it as one vowel movement.

You're welcome.


Not to worry about it Cowboy. I'm originally from Philly, and sometimes I need a translator when speaking to one of the inhabitants of New Yawk.

You'll really need help if you speak with one of the princesses of Luong Island. You can spot them a mile away. Usually begin with "Listen to me....listen to me!"

And Jersey's a whole 'nother dialect!


I got it now! The PB worked.


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