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Say What?


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Interesting. So alien women came and got your brain so it could run their computer system and life support. Hmmmmm!

Ed B:

So let me get this straight: Angelina Jolie said that she was madly in love with you and would marry you even if you were a pauper instead of a handsome brilliant billionaire. And that was the moment you woke up and realized that you were a head in a jar?


Zo, how longg haf you had zis intensz faszinazhun wis topless bars?

John Cox:


That one got me. I'm a sucker for Hogan's Heroes' German accented English.


Headless corpse in topless bar...one of the all time great headlines! Glad you like my line...big fan of your site and the whole Cox&Forkum oevre...


And Hogan's Heroes as well...

I know nosssINK!

Tom Wms.:

Let me see I understand you. You get very angry when people call you "Bob". Is that about it?


You're not the first to lose his head over a woman. Have you seen the political pages?

Mr. Michael:

I understand that your new home may get uncomfortable, a larger nose and ears will be a normal facet of aging. But no, they only called us "Headshrinkers" as invective; an insult, if you will...

Dr. Bob:

And how long Senator Reid, have you been detached from reality?


"Und kvat duss Mrs. Rigby tink uv dat?"


"Oy, bubbeleh... why should you worry what the shlameils call you? One: Shticks & shtones. Two: Should they call you, how would you go?"


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