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The grammar in that sentence is tortured.

With the pride of the artist, you must blow the small trumpet of your defiance against the walls ...

John Cox:


I agree. Love the sentiment; not so crazy about its readability.


Hmmm....with that pic, you've got one hell of a trumpet!


Had to break away for a minute there John. I was laughing so hard at the cigarette and hand gesture.

Even with the Bride of Frankenstein hair, I keep picking up a Betty Davis riff.

Dr. Bob:

That wasn't Justice Sotomayor flying by, was it?

John Cox:

Hey G

I had this jones to portray a zaftig Lady Godiva with the hand gesture and socially unacceptable cigarette as an embodiment of defiance. Then it was just a matter of finding an appropriate quote. I enjoy unconventional images that still have crafty details.


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