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Big Game


Tip o' the lid to my good friend Doc Al.

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Well I hope Newt get's in just to help drive the debate. He is the "SMARTEST" guy! I'll support who ever it is, but really like some of the young blood; still learning about them. Palin was delt a really bad hand, STAINED!!!! She got trashed by the media and from endless law suits. (I do a lot of my consulting work in Alaska and I know she is really appreciated up there by a lot of people and a lot of state workers). I know more...but this is already long. Her best help is to do what she is currently doing, relaying the message and mobilizing people. Hope she stays with it!

Dr. Bob:

So Newt's trial balloon is about to be shot down by Mz Palin?

I think that some of the more moderate of the Repubs (e.g. Romney) are bigger targets.

My thinking is that neither Sarah, nor Michele Bachmann, the conservative firebrand from Minnesota, should run for President - it think they can be much more influential by keeping the party aligned with the Tea Party message by clearly articulating the issues. There's a very good reason the Demos attack Palin and Bachmann - they are effective.

Fro the record, I think Newt would make a very good Chief of Staff.


I don't consider Palin a serious candidate; however, she's no less qualified than the current office holder. I agree that she's been a big media target, but she lacked even a basic preparedness to deflect an onslaught that she should have anticipated.

Both Newt & Sarah have a pretty bad negative intangible: (1) Newt lacks charisma & has a demeanor that comes off as creepy to many; & (2) aside from being an intellectual lightweight, Sarah's charisma crosses over into abrasiveness, & she's demonstrated a lack of dignified tact too many times.

Gingrich & Palin are going to suffer Hillary's malady--they're each polarizing in such a way that none of them will be able to pick up quite half of the popular vote (absent a media whitewash that rivals the one they did on Obama, & they're already too well-known).

Newt would be my choice on intellect, but I do not believe he is electable.

Of the remaining 20 Republican "contenders" on ABC's list, I'm not impressed with any of them. Haley Barbour gets the "you have to be kidding me" award.

Give me one good person who will go to Washington, stick to the job description, protect every individuals' rights equally (as opposed to considering everybody's wants), & NOT be an "ambitious booby". NO CAREER POLITICIANS.

If I were forced to name my pick for 2012--absent a heretofore unknown phenom coming on the scene--I'd choose Norman Schwarzkopf, & he's smart enough to not want any part of it.


Newt will not be happy with the replays of him sitting with his good, dear friend, and conspirator Nancy Pelosi, and getting asked if he still favors Cap and Tax. That's not a winning association in the least.
Worse is he came late, and from a speech in Massachusetts it sounds like he hopped on the Gorebal wormening bandwagon for political reasons, not any actual belief in AGW.
So he voluntarily associated with perhaps the most hated Speaker to look good on a subject nearly none of the people he needs to vote for him believe.

And we are supposed to think he is smart?


Anecdotal, but enough to illustrate that Newt will trade political expediency for principle, just as he blew the Contract With America. He's more intellectual than the rest of the litter, but that doesn't make him presidential material. Too moderate for me, and T. is right. He isn't electable, which is a good thing.

Tom Wms.:

There will be so many pot-shots taken at Newt, it will look like a turkey shoot in the back woods of Georgia.

Doc Al:

Better than I imagined it! Thanks for the shout-out!





In the larger context, Newt is quite bright as a student of the Constitution & the founders.

Unfortunately, this does not make him any less fallible than any other human being--or, as you have clearly demonstrated, occasionally prone to bouts of complete & utter nuttiness.

"From time to time, we have been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. But if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden." — Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address

The nation is in the mess it's in because too many conservative- & libertarian-minded people think their participation in governance ends at the ballot box--& in a true republic, the ballot box should be irrelevant.

John Cox:

Hey T

Very articulate.

As for the toon, it was a bit satire "aimed" at how the Tea Party may react to Newt's possible candidacy. Palin was my stand-in for a Republican obstacle

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