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Hey! Them Tea Party people are extremists! Won't have any effect on the coming elections.

All the media elite said so. And they know everything.

Reminds me of the "Crow Anthem" in The Wiz, except I had Obama pegged as The Wiz and Pelosi as Evilene.


"If I only had a brain." ♪♫♪♫


Cant' wait, I'm like a nervous grandmother! If reasonably successful, the last couple of 'toons go out on Twitter and Facebook with a healthy reference to johncoxart.com Hope we do good!

p.s. John..I think you know, but I would never write anything slanderous or nasty in a post that also had one of your 'toons.

p.s.s. But Flinchy would! LOL BANG! BANG!


Have you guys heard the latest dreck from The Regime?

[Obama] The Republicans drove "the car" into the ditch (sorry Barry, but Democrats took control of the house in 2006).

[Gibbs] (Whatever happens in November), "the car" still has an Obama bumper sticker on it.

[Obama] The Republicans can come along for the ride, but they have to sit in the back seat.

Maybe so, but Toonces the driving president has us on a beeline for the cliff.

Then there's "This Old Dreck":

[Obama] I inherited this mess from the [out of control/failed spending policies of] the Bush administration.

Maybe so, but Barack Obama only voted against one of those spending bills (guess which one).







Don't expect too much from Republicans--but I too am looking forward to the dejected faces of Dems who "stimulated" themselves out of a job.

Ed B:

Nice one John. But why is he leaning to the right?



Haven't you ever heard the lyrics to "Politician" by Cream? As best as I can remember (from a Robben Ford cover):

Hey now baby,
get into my big black car.
I just wanna show you
what my politics are.

I'm a political man
and I practice what I preach.
So don't deny me,
not while you're in my reach.

I support the left,
but I'm leanin' to the right.
But you'll never find me
when there's a fight.

To which I'd respond (paraphrased from another Robben Ford tune):

Barry you should be out of breath,
You're talkin' yourself to death
And nothing seems to change,
maybe it's best if we parted
It's too much like the blind leading the blind,
We're even further behind
than where we started

I'm tired of (your) talkin'--now it's time to go

Barry I'm so confused
and feeling a little bruised
When all you do is lie,
we can't help but feel downhearted
It's like the blind leading the blind
Even further behind
than when we started

I'm tired of (your) talkin'--now it's time to go...

Ed B:

Hey T:

"Politician" is one of my all time Cream favorites. Amazing how a song written that long ago aptly describes the political class even now.

"Same as it ever was!"


I haven't been able to confirm whether this is true or not, but somebody told me Obama is taking some kind of massive envoy to India a day or two after Tuesday. Something like 40 planes--including cargo planes taking "Limo 1" & other armored security vehicles--& something like a thousand people in 800 rooms.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous to me, but when Obama's in the mix, it seems like nothing is beyond the pale.

If this craziness is true, "You'll never find me when there's a fight" takes on a whole new meaning (& I wonder how much this "little" junket might add to this year's deficit).


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