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john cox:

"We prefer the term "corporeally disavowed".


Yes indeed, very challenging study. This represents just one of the 43% of California voters who say the economy is improving under Obama. So far we've found no evidences of tumors.



Can't be from any of those California voters--like the rest of Democrats (& about 50% of Republicans as well) theirs' are just withered vestigial tissue.


Well, my tests are complete, Joe. As you can see by my graph, Pete here is not a brain. Rather, he is a jar of pickled testicles that have congealed and attained sentience.


Ya Right! This brain is certified! His name was...let's see here... Abby Normal from California.

What's the reference?


Young Frankenstein! Awesome, Cowboy. So many great parts to that movie.

The other movie that popped into my head when I saw that jar was a not as funny movie with Steve Martin. Name that movie. :)

john cox:




w00t! :) Quick draw, mcjohnny!

john cox:


Mr. Haafaarr says "hi".

Happens to one of my favorite Martin movies.

"Oh pointy birds
Pointy, pointy.

Annoint my head
Annointy nointy."


I don't know and you guys are talking in code? Glad I started something though!


Hehehehe. :) It's pronounced "Hfuhruhurrur".

Cowboy: The Man With Two Brains

Dolores: What are those assholes doing on the porch?

Dr. Hfuhruhurr: Those aren't assholes. Its pronounced "azaleas".

Ed B:

"The pickled eggs weren't selling very well at all, so we're test marketing some alternative products."


"According to the warranty, this brain can:

unravel any riddle
For any individ'le
In trouble or in pain"


Oooo! If I only had that brain. Just think of all the things I could do. It would be wizard.


"I know there's a huge untapped need for these in all 3 branches of government, but pragmatically, economics teaches us that there's no demand until the consumer realizes the need & acts on it. Politicians are a cabal of elitist know-nothings, & since the vast majority of voters don't realize that a hoity-toity law degree doesn't say anything about how well a politician understands finance or economics, we have to make possession of these things mandatory in order to ensure effective & restricted republican government. However, since it will take an act of Congress to make it law--basically a case of the police policing themselves--we're screwed unless we can infiltrate SEIU/USWW & sneak a rider into the next bill they draft for Congress. When Congress passes it without reading it--WHAM!!! We have them where we want them."

Yeah, I know it's long--but sometimes necessity dictates stretching out a bit.

Dr. Bob:

This brain is an exact replica of President Obama's. We're researching parts of the brain that cause arrogance and cluelessness. We're hoping for to develop a cure.

After that, we'll duplicate Barney Frank's and see why he talks so funny.


That is NOT a replica of Obama's brain. That's a gallon jar, for Pete's sake. If you shoved Barry's brain up a gnat's behind it would look like a BB in a box car.

"Curiously, bringing Clark Gable's brain to 'Lady's Night' hasn't increased my interaction with the females in this establishment as much as carrying a part of Roy Roger's horse in my pocket did last week..."


Says he wants a formaldehyde double on the rocks, no twist. Gives him gas.


Brings new meaning to the term "Jarhead".


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