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Hard To Say Goodbye


Well, my Braves finished their season with a disappointing whimper and must now consign myself to rooting for the Phillies (if I must) and trying to watch football. My disdain and utter contempt for the vile Yankees is such that I actually want them front and center in the Fall Classic so that the stellar Phillie pitching staff can make the overstuffed, overweened Yankees shrink in awed horror.


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I pray for the same. My detesting of the Yankees knows no bounds.


Shock and Awe!

I'm with you. I grew up halfway between Phila. and New York. I always loved the Phillies and Hated the Yankees. I want to see another I-95 series again this year!

I was a major Yankees fan when Roger Maris was playing... that's a little ways back. His home run record was set in 1961... I was still in high school.



Ho there Yo,

I think we all love Roger Maris. You just admitted your age though! He he.

Dr. Bob:

Well, my Twins were sort of a warm up act for the Yankees to feast on and there are few things I'd like to see more than the Yanks getting their butt kicked.


As an ex-Philadelphian, I know where my heart is.


Or perhaps the Baseball Gods will really piss you off with a Giants-Rangers WS?

john cox:

Hey Michael1213

Criminy...I'm sure I'd miss that one and reorganize my moth collection.


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