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Haiku What?


Five little piggies
With mild ambitions, at best,
Ain't gonna cut it.

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A beer toast!
To ham and cheese
On crackers!

Ed B:

"Pork chops and bacon,
my two favorite animals."
Homer J. Simpson

Ed B:

Looks like a straight flush,
but I have no poker face!!
Back to solitaire...

Dede Nonka:

Good Job...

Tom Wms.:

Looks like congress has been playing 5 card draw with the Pork.

Don't count your money/
As you sit at the table/
Time to count? When done.
~ Hai-Kenny-u Rodger-san

Lardy gamblers squint/
Certainly not athletes.Yet/
on ESPN ?!


Ya know, that pig looks just like Barney Frank.

Dr. Bob:


I thunk the same. Not only that, Barney and Porky Pig sorta talk alike too.

Bawrney Fwank, Mistwer Powrk
Mowrtgage fwruads, cwrooks bought him off.
Cwrooked, Not stwraight.


Looks like Reid during the Health Care Debates.

Tom Wms.:

I too thought about Barney Frankfurter.


"Animal Farm"...
"Napoleon Dynamite"...
Is what crossed my mind.


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