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I wish a blood-stirring All Hallows' Eve to my crepuscular commenters and their ethereal beastie brethren crawling the web.

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May your evening be filled with ghost, goblins, vampires and werewolves.

Throw in a couple of stiff drinks and it will make for one hell of a night!

Trick or treat! Just make sure Trixie doesn't have fangs!

Ed B:



Happy Allegory for the Leech Class & Gubmint Day.

I thought I'd spend the weekend establishing two new political parties:

(1) The Debt Is Too Damn High

However, somebody else typed it first. Then I thought of a better one:

(2) Gubmint Is Too Damn Big

Somebody thought of that one years ago.

Terwiliger was too damn slow.



Dr. Bob:

John and fans.


sorry, just a bit dyslexic.


How the hell did you get my picture?


When I first saw this one, the face looked really familiar, but I couldn't make the connection with who it reminded me of.

It just hit me what I'd seen him in, & I was able to figure out who it was...

...Jack Elam.

He played "the villain" in a bunch of old western movies & TV shows, & he appeared in the Home Improvement episode with the "Big Stinky" sandwich.

Also looks like Barney Phillips (I remember him from several Twilight Zones & an Andy Griffith rerun).


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