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Bombs Away


The new Democratic Party logo looks like a target. How convenient.


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"D" for "duck and cover".

When I was a child it is what we were told to do when faced with nuclear annihilation.

Dr. Bob:

Speaking of "bombs away"...

one blogger took a picture looking down on his toilet bowl...

and it looked exactly like the new Democratic Party's logo.


Anyone else initially see the White Rabbit taking cover at a Tea Party? I guess I've got Alice on the brain.

The powwow that came up with this idea must have been awesome: "Any old change was yesterday, people. It's too vague. From now on we're about change that matters! *applause*. First order of business: new logo! *applause*"

Was the donkey their old logo? Are they giving up on that one? Donkey to toilet bowl could be a tough sell; unlike, say, the obvious improvement from Shithouse to Latrine.

btw, nice ass crack there, john.



Actually, it's a big "O" surrounding a "D".

I'd certainly say that we've "OD'ed" on them.

Pure genius if you ask me.

john cox:


That is inadvertent butt crack. I was shooting for shirt creases.

Oh well.....


Ah, that makes more sense since he's in a suit. But I still can't shake the butt crack. C'est la vie.


I still that logo looks like an ID for a rapid-transit line like you'd see in New York, Boston, Chicago, or Washington, D.C., or maybe on an electrical/electronic device ("D" for degaussing?). The guy who came up with it probably saw something like it on his way to work ("Gawd - I'm so desperate for an idea to present at this morning's meeting.").


Tea Cups?

Targeting Democrats?




For a 'marginalized' group, those Tea Party people sure have made an impact.


Good one, HAMM172.

Homer Simpson, union nuclear safety inspector, was promoted to head of Democrat Party logo design--where he cleverly (there's a first time for everything) worked his catch-phrase into their new logo in a "telescoping" fashion, illustrating true progressivism as history's fallacious doppelgänger--a bad idea that will never die because of the dumb masses' inherently flawed nature; in fact, it magnifies with each iteration until the society in which it is acting ultimately crumbles.

Heck. That's a darned good book idea.



My take on it is that the logo is perfect for simply completing the International No symbol with a diagonal stripe.


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