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Automotive Report 'Toon


This editorial appears in the up-coming November issue of Allen Forkum's automotive newspaper. I always get a kick out these cartoons when they cross-over to the political arena.


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Heh, nice one! Good the see the occasional return of Cox & Forkum.


Poor Barry. No one appreciates his wisdom.


Great toon!

We are dealing with a guy that, IMHO, actually thinks that if we have a more "redistributive" system that our economy would be more prosperous and more stable.

That's all BS, ignorant, naive,and against any market principle, as proven by Boehm-Bawerk, Milton, T. Sowell, W. Williams, et al.

He further mixes this up with a large dose of "Social Justice" crap.

THANK YOU - you equally ignorant shit-heads who voted for this idiot. Did you really not know that "Change" means when it's spouted from a Marxist?

WOW...I feel better now!


Come now, Cowboy.

Obama KNOWS that redistribution decreases both stability & prosperity.

However, as with all Socialists, that is there aim--not to raise up the struggling, but to drag down the disparately prosperous.

"They" will not be happy until we all fight a single common goal--hunger...

...while the oligarchy brokers perquisites & feasts on largesse confiscated by force.

In Obama's mind, "We can't get there from here."

Dr. Bob:

Hey, John... where the bus??? Yeah, the one Obama's been throwing people under...


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