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Palin's imaginative locution is getting attention



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E. Blackadder:

"I'm anaspeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulation"


At least she knows how many states there are.

Dr. Bob:

She must be taking lessons from Joe Biden.


It isn't like we didn't already know she isn't that bright; but at that, she's still preferable to what we ended up with. I just hope the Republican Party can do better than McCain/Palin next time around--although indications are they're more committed to affiliation than principles.


...although it wouldn't be hard to make a slip of either the tongue or the brain & co-mingle "refute" & "repudiate".


...but "WiWi'd up" is in the dictionary.


Let's see, WHICH state ISN'T having budget problems. Oh yeah, the one the STUPID woman was running. Go figure.


"I don’t know why; it’s a perfectly cromulent word."


"Running" Alaska? IMHO, politicians don't run anything but tabs. Alaska's low population density doesn't require the "infrastructure" & the social programs that the sluggards in the lower 48 demand, & the harsh winter climate takes care of the vagrancy & most immigration problems. You can't go to Alaska & pitch a tent or tack a few pieces of plyboard together & expect to be alive at the same time next year. The biggest crime problem? Chemical abuse & the associated violence attributed to winter boredom & the grind of 80 or so days of continuous sunlight & 65 or so days of continuous darkness.

It doesn't take a particularly bright person to realize that the less government does, the better off we are. It's the smart sumb____es that cause the problems.

Dr. Bob:

Its funny how Palin and Bush get nailed for screwing up words when Obama says "corpse-man" and the press doesn't even bat a eye.


OR he thinks "Austrian" is a language

OR he thinks there are 58 states

OR he emphasizes the wrong syllable in "redistributive"

OR that he left Occidental with a GPA of less than 0.2, was accepted at Columbia and graduated with a GPA of well less than 3.0, yet somehow was admitted to Harvard Law and graduated Magna Cum Laude (which he may have been given, but I don't think for a minute he earned)

OR the fact that he's successfully implemented every policy initiative he's wanted, and they've all resulted in abysmal failure (When Rush said "I hope he fails", he was talking about BHO failing at implementing his agenda; he wasn't talking about the country failing as a result of that agenda)

AND this is a SHORT list

Dr. Bob:

Thankfully, it's a short list, and one most people do not want lengthen.


I should have said "This is THE short list". There's a littany of BHO gaffes and screw-ups. Those are just "lowlights".


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