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Say What?



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I am one of your website followers, I am from Iran and a blogger who writing against Ahamdinejad and Mullah's regime. This picture is about Iranians green movement, would you please explain about it? What's the meaning of this illusion?



"I don't know, Th'ok. I guess they thought we'd have antennae on our heads."

Ed B:

Look, it's just a simple covert mission to retrieve a fallen space rock. Now try to blend in with the locals.


Hey! Gimme a break! I got 2 waiters out sick, I'll get to your table as soon as I can.

john cox:


No message. Just a few aliens in a crowd who might have a funny line about where there at.

Tom Wms.:

After Richard Daly's announced retirement, potential candidates are coming out of the shadows.


The Interstellar XDM Translator says it means "piece". Piece of what?

Dr. Bob:

Zioon - what does the hand signal mean in Iranian? Does it mean "victory" or something else?

Now, the Say what?:

"Jork, Hoka - let's help these folks, they look more than a bit repressed."

john cox:

Alrighty then...who's up for some tah chin and a nice glass of aarak?


Now where'd that damned broad with the dog go?


"Look! Little green men!"


"Now THAT'S what I call eco-terrorists."

Tom Wms.:

Judging by the hand gestures, all the men on this planet sit down when they go to the bathroom.


Ed B,
That's funny, perhaps a little too subtle, but funny.

Ed B:

Hey Craniac, thanks. I probably should have gone for a tad more obvious, but where's the fun in that?

Dr.Bob :
On that sign wrote :
We promise to your restless eyes NEDA :

Our roots will reach to water and Our branches will reach to sun. We will be green again

Yes this signal " V" means Victory in Persia.



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