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john cox:

"Giving the American public credit for having a functioning brain in their head would be like givng the Mona Lisa a perm."

Barak Obama


Wasn't Pickford one of those popular actors who's movie career was doomed with the advent of sound? The voice just did not "match" the person on the screen?

Ed B:

Hey GF - you mean like Lina Lamont in "Singing in the Rain"?

"No, no Miss Lamont! Rrround tones, rrround tones..."

She was no Lena Lamont.(Love that movie!)
In fact, she won the first Academy Award given to an actress in a 'talkie'.
An interesting life:


Actually I think it was Greta Garbo that had the heavy accent and voice that they wore worried about. There were probably a lot of others.


If I remember correctly, Rudolph Valentino couldn't speak English. Talkies were a career-killer for lots of the silent stars.

I've seen a few silent movies on TCM. It's amazing how those actors could communicate so much emotion without a word.


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